• Our restaurant have delicious and affordable meals of traditional Polish cuisine
  • We are offering weddings, banquets and special events (baptisms, communions, Eighteen, half-way point, proms, family get-togethers, anniversaries, etc.
  • We have small, medium and large hall
    • On the large hall can be 150 persons with place to sit, is designed for organizations weddings and other huge events, together with small and medium hall (dancing hall), create whole event
    • On the medium hall can be 50 person with place to sit. Is not only to dancing, we organize here also other special events (equipped with multimedia projector)
    • Ideal to do meetings, presentations, training or small events
  • We are offering activities such as:
    • Watch matches on the big screen
    • Karaoke with a band
    • Concerts
    • Billiards (small hall)
    • playing table football (big hall)
  • We cater to events in different places
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday-Thursday: 10.00-22.00
    • Friday-Saturday: 10.00-24.00
    • Sunday: 12.00-22.00

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